Thursday, September 27, 2012

Number One

That's what number I am!  Make that what number my team is from the NOCC - Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer Walk.  I am so amazed by the love and support handed out by so many people.  People in my family...friends that I love...friends of my family...friends of my friends.  The school where I worked raised over $1100 on their own.  I am so touched by everyone's involvement.  

Because of the amazing amount of money raised I got an invite to the annual NOCC conference being held in LAS VEGAS in November!!!!!  Wheeeee!   I have never been to Vegas and I have scheduled a chemo holiday for the month of November!  I just wanted to drop in and say thank you to every one that supported a cause close to my heart.  NOCC get money that can press for more research and maybe a less life ruining treatment for this disease.

to the moon and back my AllStars,

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