Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Planking...a little behind the trend...whatevs

At the end of Spring Break my brother and his family came into town.  We spent two days hanging out and enjoying the weather.  We played outside and watched the children play together.  The Bug left her moody teenage self behind for those two days and was a precious angel.  I know it is still in there lurking under the 13 year layer of sulk.  So we visited 2 playgrounds in those two days and this is what happened...Enjoy the cuteness!
to the moon and back

Mimi loved sharing her apple with the little love! trace of teen angst or irritability! have a tongue?!?

Look at this...I have one too! 
getting a ride was nice

but pushing it up the hill and then...

running as it chased her back down the hill was HIGHLARIOUS!

Once again...the Bug found a bug...this one is named
MOTHA (like Martha, but it's a moth, mom)

She loves a purse!

and a pacy!!

Hello everybody!

aunt sarah....look at me climbin

This is what a happy Paw Paw look like.

Oh I almost forgot my brother and the Bug had a contest.  The Bug recently discovered "Planking" on YouTube.  So she was anxious to try it out wherever she could.  Being the athletic, competitive man he brother was all in for this competition!  Here are the results! 

on the slide...

Easy peasy...BooBoo can do the slide

On the ramp rail

can you make it a little more difficult?

Hurry with the picture MOOOOOM...I'm bending

Ha...straight as an arrow.

Fine do the tires...I see, you think you are too big...Ha I win!

Planking up high...
BooBoo was done for the night

On the monkey bars!?!

Mom...I going to try this tree.

That was impossible so here is the Bug's new fad...
upright planking otherwise known as standing up
One more Plank...gotta love a tube slide!

BooBoo doing the Batman!

Anybody watch SMOSH...The Bug is Snailing!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh My this is a little late....

I totally forgot about this picture.  I had created a christmas card photo.  It was going to say "Hoping you all have a happy holiday filled with Silent Nights!"  Ha.  We had a great time dressing her up and wrapping her in christmas lights.  The christmas cards never ended up getting printed so I thought I would at least post the picture here.  Enjoy...we sure did...gotta love holiday duct tape!
to the moon and back friends

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break - Part Two

Wow...this is taking so much longer than I thought.  My medical journey has been pushed to the forefront so I have less time to devote to this.  I need to take more time for this. This heals my heart...makes all the hard decisions and crazy news that I get on a weekly basis harder to take. I can share the second part of the best road trip ever!

Tiny Batman hides to protect new visitors.

We made the cross over into Missouri and stopped at the visitor's center!  It was fun to look round the center and pick out some of the offbeat things to do.  One of the first choices was to visit the WORLD's LARGEST JIGSAW PUZZLE STORE.  We were a little disturbed when we drove up to a single wide trailer labeled as the store.  We decided as long as the proprietor had more than 2 teeth and no banjo music playing the background we would stick around and look at the puzzles.  They had the largest puzzle (25,000 pieces - suitcase sized) and the smallest complete with tweezers for completion.  

of course The Bug found a furry friend.
We reached St. Louis in the dark of night, but it was still amazing to see the arch.  It was lit up and amazing.  Sunday morning we went to church at the NEW basilica of St. Louis.  This church has over 83,000 square feet of mosaics.  I tried very hard to pay attention to the priest, but surrounded by all that beauty my focus seemed to drift.  The sheer artistry covering every surface of the church is amazing.  This was our first experience in St. Louis and it was a perfect start!

After church we wanted to visit the miniature museum.  What better place for tiny batman to make some new friends.  It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was fun and there was a windmill across the street.  

Tiny batman bought himself a teddy

After the miniature museum it was raining and pretty bleak, so we decided to make use of the weather and go to the Magic House (St. Louis Children's Museum).  It is 3 floors and a basement of amazing interactive things to do!

The Bug and Mimi in the Magic Treehouse display

We all made contributions to the Poet Tree

Look at that face.  I think the farther we get in to the teen years the less I will see this face.

We even talked Mimi into it.

The biggest pin art board!

I even tried it...The Bug pointed out my smashed boobs.

I downloaded an app to my phone called explore STL.  While I waited for The Bug to finish exploring the museum I found an old fashioned soda shoppe in the neighborhood...called Dr. Jazz's.  We drove over and each picked out a different ice cream treat.  The Bug only wanted two scoops of ice cream.  Our waitress asked if she wanted a sundae, and The Bug said no.  The waitress asked do you want caramel on top...the Bug says yes.  The waitress asked how about whipped cream...The Bug says yes.  The waitress asked how about a cherry on top...The Bug says yes.  Tadah....I think that might be called a sundae.
Such a cute little soda shoppe
Mimi decided on a smore sundae...YUMMY!
I think the non sundae sundae is a hit!