Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Planking...a little behind the trend...whatevs

At the end of Spring Break my brother and his family came into town.  We spent two days hanging out and enjoying the weather.  We played outside and watched the children play together.  The Bug left her moody teenage self behind for those two days and was a precious angel.  I know it is still in there lurking under the 13 year layer of sulk.  So we visited 2 playgrounds in those two days and this is what happened...Enjoy the cuteness!
to the moon and back

Mimi loved sharing her apple with the little love! trace of teen angst or irritability! have a tongue?!?

Look at this...I have one too! 
getting a ride was nice

but pushing it up the hill and then...

running as it chased her back down the hill was HIGHLARIOUS!

Once again...the Bug found a bug...this one is named
MOTHA (like Martha, but it's a moth, mom)

She loves a purse!

and a pacy!!

Hello everybody!

aunt sarah....look at me climbin

This is what a happy Paw Paw look like.

Oh I almost forgot my brother and the Bug had a contest.  The Bug recently discovered "Planking" on YouTube.  So she was anxious to try it out wherever she could.  Being the athletic, competitive man he brother was all in for this competition!  Here are the results! 

on the slide...

Easy peasy...BooBoo can do the slide

On the ramp rail

can you make it a little more difficult?

Hurry with the picture MOOOOOM...I'm bending

Ha...straight as an arrow.

Fine do the tires...I see, you think you are too big...Ha I win!

Planking up high...
BooBoo was done for the night

On the monkey bars!?!

Mom...I going to try this tree.

That was impossible so here is the Bug's new fad...
upright planking otherwise known as standing up
One more Plank...gotta love a tube slide!

BooBoo doing the Batman!

Anybody watch SMOSH...The Bug is Snailing!

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