Monday, October 22, 2012

Dallas Arboretum

I have been MIA for a while and for that I am sorry.  I was on a truly immense chemo schedule that left me either in bed or heaving over the toilet.  Good News/Bad was wrecking my body but doing little to the cancer.  So now I am on a much more doable once every three weeks of Carboplatinum.  Bad News...that is the drug I was on when this journey started, but it had a partner in crime...Taxotere.  I asked Dr. Cloven about going back to the double drug therapy, but she doesn't think my body is up to it after all the other toxins we have put in.

It is so funny we celebrated October family birthdays (we have 3) last night and my cousin was talking about a guy...actually many many people...who choose to be envenomated.  I mean lay down in a hospital bed surrounded by medics and have 2 or 3 venoms injected into their I.V.  It sounded crazy to me until I said outloud..."I don't think I would choose to have toxins shot into my body...wait...nevermind...I have been doing that at least every three weeks for the last 2 makes complete sense!" I guess the difference is I do it to fend of cancer and possibly death...these "crazy" folks do it for shits and giggles.  There I said it...I found the difference...without a difference my choice to do what I do would be crazy.  Who in their right mind "chooses" to feel like roadkill for the better part of a month...this girl...and I will continue to do it until some vital organ actually gives out...or they find a miracle drug.

On to a cheerier subject.  A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I met my aunt, cousin and her 3 children at the Arboretum.  They have been showcasing some of Dale Chihuly's blown glass for a couple of months and it wraps up at the beginning of we needed to get it seen.  We have another trip planned for tomorrow so The Bug can see it.  The shapes and the colors are amazing...and to mix them with all kinds of flowers and was so healing for me to see.  I think it was good to wait, because we opted out of the heat and into all the great fall decor.  I can't do it justice with words so here are some of my pictures.

Love and light,

I thought these looked like brains!

These remind me of marbles...GIANT marbles!

I need this in my backyard!!!!

These remind me of alien hands....with little sucker fingers!

The Dallas Star

Swan Lake

Cinderella's carriage with moss horses!

Joost Ellfers wrote a book Play with Your Food and these pumpkins
could have been in the book! Love their silly faces

GIANT pumpkin...look for tiny Batman.

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