Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Bug

Have I said lately that my daughter is a tad sassy.  Today was her school carnival and we had a push pull type argument for how we thought the costume should work.  I of course think everything should be done all out...The Bug is a tad more understated.  She is making use of her costume from last year...a Woodland Princess...and I wanted her to wear the skirt we made last year.  My precious is all about comfort and the skirt was itchy (last year).  My mom spent about an hour trimming out the ribbons that might be scratchy and adding a waistband...but it was still a no go.  So she prepared herself as a Woodland Princess sans skirt.  Looking back (this happened about 30 minutes ago) really doesn't matter.  She looked amazing!  I got to do fun sparkly makeup for her and with mascara my child has crazy long eyelashes.  Just saying...because you know she did NOT get those from me.  Here are a couple of pictures to show how the look turned out.  Like I said skirt or no skirt she is a beautiful outgoing girl and she looked excellent!

So today I am thankful for realizing...sometimes the letting another person win an argument isn't all that bad...can be great actually!

To the moon and back my friends!
This is my all time favorite picture of her!

here she is much younger as a rainbow fairy!
Posing on the deer stand ladder...what you don't have a deer stand in your backyard? Every junior birdwatcher needs a good spot to perch!

I mean seriously...look at that face!

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