Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Update...yup another one

So I started my second cycle of Abraxane yesterday.  My CA came down a 1000 points...that's right a thousand points!!!!! My doc says my lungs still sound junky...meaning I might need one more thoracentesis before the Abraxane takes over and dries up the fluid in my plural cavity.

I am breathing so much better.  The thoracentesis they did last week took 1.5 liters of fluid out of my left lung.  I still need oxygen sometimes, but not all the time.  I'll take any improvement I can get where breathing is concerned.  

So for lungs are able to inflate almost like a normal person's lungs.  My CA-125 is coming down.  My hair started to come out in clumps so I am sporting my naked noggin.  I have a halo of baby soft skin and stubble on top.  Things are good!

To the Moon and Back,

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