Monday, February 25, 2013

Adding Insult to Injury

Hello friends,
This might turn into a venting type blog....yeah...I feel very venty.  I am super excited that my meds are working...let me just start there.  Without success in the chemo department I would be getting to enjoy weekly thoracenteses, and climbing CA-125s.  So I am very thankful for successful head looks like a pubescent teens face.  This happened with other chemos, but I at least had a covering on my scalp so no one could see it.  It was painful and hard to resolve, but only I knew that the head zits existed.  Now I am bald...and instead of having a lovely round bald head...I have a slightly less lovely bald head covered in huge painful pimples.  

I found a possible solution online.  So now I am washing my head 3 times a day with Hibiclens.  Covering my scalp with a Neutrogena salicylic acid treatment, and then using a cream to cover all the sores.  I hope the internet was right and this will resolve in about a week.  For now I am hiding out at home and keeping my head covered in clean cotton skull caps.  Thank you Tonda for giving me like 60 of the caps.  That means I can keep the nastiness on my head covered with a new clean cap with every washing.  Keeping it covered also helps me keep my hands off my scalp.  I am like a kid with chicken mom says the next step is oven mitts taped to my hands.  

So that is all for today...I have been watching a ton of beauty guru videos on YouTube...and ordering make-up for my unblemished face.  Have a great day friends!

To the Moon and Back,

Pics of the day

This is how I I have a huge angry PIZZA HEAD!

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