Monday, March 4, 2013

Week in Review

I am doing something with my pictures this year.  I am trying to take a picture each day that sums up the day.  It is called Project 365, and so far I have not missed a day.  I thought I might post my weeks photos here for all to see.  I don't have lots to say...chemo...cancer wise so I thought this would be a way to keep this blog active.  I also have some crafty things in the works and will share those here also.  Sorry I haven't been around...I just haven't had much to say!
To the Moon and back,
What an unfortunate mishap with the pause button...
and when standing next to such a beautiful woman...
sorry Dustin!

The Bug working on her Arroz con Leche recipe for school

Just let somebody call my dog stupid...
she has the spectacles to prove her brilliance!
Time in the backyard admiring the pansies!
Trip to Ulta...I think I might have an addiction to make-up!
A friend posted this on Facebook...and I couldn't resist
Man on a trampoline...WHEEEEEEE....Bounce!
Woke up feeling creative...product...
the e-LOVE-phant
Chai tea for me...and a S'more in a Jar for dessert
A fabulous outing with The Bug
we both made bears...we both
passed on the underpants!

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