Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week in Review - March 4 - March 10

Today was round 2 of my third cycle of Abraxane and I feel wretched!!!  Usually I feel a little punch drunk...but this time I get to be light headed...jelly legged...and sooooo sick to my stomach.  I hope I wake up tomorrow and this has changed.  I don't do nauseous well AT ALL!

So...I thought to get my mind off my stomach I would write up my "Week in Review" for Project 365. I am impressed that I haven't missed a day yet.  So days I don't leave the house so those have been a particular challenge.  Oh well here's my week in review...

Like I said I don't really leave the house very often so this picture is actually a picture of a picture I liked in a catalog.  These are some shirts from Coldwater Creek and I love that they are in rainbow order!

Tuesday was treatment day and after I really wanted some Lemon Pie...luckily my favorite bakery had these little individual lemon pies.  It was so good...I didn't have one today...maybe the lemon helped settle my chemo tummy.  That would be nice!  Yes I must eat this lemon pie...my stomach neeeeeds it STAT! I also love how the pie looks.  I mean the twisty lemon on top of the whipped cream.  It was ALMOST too pretty to eat.

I got to have a chest x-ray on Wednesday.  I have continued to have trouble getting short of breath.  It is NOTHING like before...but to resume life as I like it being short of breath at all is not a happy thing.  My doc called and I have no effusions.  This is great news...sort of...if I am holding no fluid around my lungs...why do I lose my breath?  Oh well...I guess I'll just try to resume normal activity and try to build up some breath stamina.  Is that a thing?  I think it is.

This is my favorite.  On Instagram I try to participate in Throwback Thursday.  Thursday is a day that I usually do not leave the house...so I am scrambling for something to photograph.  Enter Throwback Thursday...and I can use any picture I have taken...EVER.  This week I used one of my favorite pictures of "The Bug."  We were at the duck pond and I called her name with my camera primed to click.  She turned around and I was able to capture pure joy in my opinion.  She is so happy.  She is spending time with animals...a pastime that continues to be a favorite of hers to this day.  I think I have this picture in at least three rooms of my house.

"The Bug" was so tired of yelling out "Beetle"  she made up her own game.  She now just yells out unusual colors.  VWs don't count because they are usually odd colors...not ours of course...she is a gorgeous metallic light blue.  So our week was punctuated by "GREEN!"  "YELLOW!" "REALLY UGLY ORANGE!!!!!!"  I saw this car in the parking lot of my oncology building.  "The Bug" lost her boyfriend this week so I took this picture to cheer her up.  Why do boys have to be so stupid sometimes?

Saturday my aunt I I went out to Funky Finds.  There were all these super cool vendors who made everything they were selling.  After looking at all the lovely handmade things.  We headed to the "Cattle Barns"  lovingly called the "flea barns" by my mother.  This is where people show their cattle during the stock show.  So the barns still smell a little like cattle if ya know what I mean.  I didn't buy anything, but I found this urn filled with swizzle sticks and couldn't resist snapping a picture of all the cool colors!

Sunday we headed to Dallas for a visit.  I love the Dallas skyline.  It is so unique and since I have spent every Thanksgiving in Dallas...since forever...once I catch a glimpse of "Buddy Ball" I know we are close to our final destination.  We spent Sunday night in Dallas so we could head out to The Arboretum...bright and early...but those pics will be part of next weeks review!

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