Monday, March 25, 2013

March 11-17 Week in Review

Sorry...I missed a week...but I didn't miss taking pictures.  This was Spring Break for The Bug, and even though I would have to have chemo I wanted to do something fun with her.  We took a mini vacay to Dallas, and visited the Arboretum.  I think I might need to have a post devoted to that trip, because the flowers looked amazing...they had over 500,000 tulips! Oh well onto this week in review!

Monday - Here is a selfie I took at the Arboretum.  I was sitting on some really cold concrete, but I didn't care I was right in front of an amazing bed of tulips and daffodils.  Let me just say...having a bald head on a windy day a person really should wear a hat with ear flaps.  I had to borrow a scarf and wrap it around my head then top it off with my favorite hat.  After doing this I could have spent another 6 hours tiptoeing through the tulips!

Tuesday - This was just another infusion day.  I think you guys might be exposed to several pics of the shoes I choose to wear to chemo.  This was an uneventful day...I showed up...sat in my recliner... received my drugs...and went home.  I had one the nurse that supervised my first chemo with my port.  She is very thorough...while being hilarious as well.  It is always nice to have a sweet, funny or talkative nurse.  It makes the infusion process go so much quicker.  Wow for a simple infusion day I had lots to say!

Wednesday - My Mom finished this puzzle...and she had been working on it for a WHILE!  She was very excited when she completed the puzzle so I thought it could be part of my Project 365.  Also I love the puzzle...the colors were amazing, and I am a huge fan of ribbon candy.  I also left the glasses on top of the puzzle, because my mom has glasses everywhere.  There are at least 2 pair in the kitchen...3 or 4 in the living room.  One pair next to each computer...2 in the in her get the idea.  It just tickles matter where I go in the house I am sure to find a pair of reading glasses.  Once my small print vision goes I will be covered in reading least 20 different pair!

Thursday - I love Throwback Thursday.  This was just one short year ago.  I was taking a pill form of my chemo and we took a road trip to St. Louis.  This pic tickles me because my mom is planking in a turtle mouth.  I also love this one because my sweet daughter is looking especially sweet in the turtle's head.  Best part we stumbled upon this turtle park because the line to go to the zoo was IN-SANE!!! We headed to the zoo early the next day...but I wouldn't trade our time at Turtle Park for anything!

Friday - I thought I might try my hand at an edited photo for Friday.  I have two windups...regular PacMan and a regular red Ghostie.  I changed the color on the ghost three times.  I wanted to have three ghosts chasing PacMan...and then three ghosts running from Super PacMan.  I was a little harder than I thought to recolor everything...but I like the way it turned out.   

Saturday - The Bug and I made almost St. Patrick's Day cupcakes.  The rainbows are Airhead Extremes. I saw this on Pinterest like 10,000 times.  They are pretty cute in my opinion, and according to my family...they were yummy too.  My favorite part was making them.  I got to spend some good quality time with my sweet girl.  I don't even care that the colors aren't exactly rainbow or that they are not standing up perfectly.  The joy was in the process not in the product!

Sunday - This pic cracks me you see the curious photobomber in the back?   The Bug and I ventured out with a little help from my Dad.  We went to see "OZ...the great and powerful."The movie was visually amazing.   So bright and whimsical and fantastic.  Let me just say...the flying monkey scared the beejeesus out of me!!!

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