Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week in Review: March 18-24

I had a quiet week this week.  I had the last treatment in my third cycle...so that meant time spent at home.  These are the weeks that make me reach for my Project 365 photos.  I have to find things around my house to photograph...but how many pictures of my dog would any sane person want to see.  I did leave the house to go to the movies.  I saw Identity Thief...I was wildly unimpressed...I am beginning to think I should leave it at seeing the preview for a movie...because any part of a movie worth watching is crammed into the trailer.  I am also trying to improve my nail painting skills.  I am doing pretty well as long as I use my left hand.  My right hand is still very shaky...lots of nail polish remover is necessary to make my left hand look as nice as the right.  Oh well as long as I have the time and YouTube I will be able to find new tips to help me paint my stubby little nails.  I need to keep them painted because Abraxane makes them look AWFUL! So on with my photographs!

my gerbers are blooming....so TinyBatman couldn't
resist trying to hide among the blooms

Then my indoor gnome ventured outside to see what exactly
Tiny Batman was raving about...he agrees the gerbers are a great hiding place.

These hats were in a basket at the front of the infusion room.
 I have ALWAYS wanted to be a redhead.
I think the hat is just the perfect shade for my skintone!

This is the proof I suffered my way through Identity Thief.

I wish an iced caramel machiato tasted as good as it looked.
 I love the hot beverage...but add ice and it is BITTTTERRR.
Oh well...Tiny Batman loved it!

I love this picture of The Bug.  It combines 2 of my favorite things...The Bug and tulips.
She loos so soft and lovely in this picture, and I mean her tie dyed shirt really sets off the colors in the tulips!

What can I say...Robin put together this pencil holder for her PawPaw.
Place him against my tie dye blotting paper and he looks amazing.
 I think he is a whimsical little goat man anyway.

I think for the seventh try this hand looks pretty good.

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