Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 8-14: Week in Review

 I got out more this week than normal on a chemo week.  My chemo is behaving in a rather odd manner.  I had my treatment on Tuesday and had the typical steroid stomach, but then nothing.  I actually felt as close to normal as I had in weeks, so I decided to take advantage.  Around Thursday night I had to have a bit of a slow down, because I started to feel fluey...tight joints painful flashes the whole bit....but never any fever.  This seems to be par for late in the cycle Abraxane, but  with my chair and a pushy aunt I was still able to have a great week!  So here they are...I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Monday:  I found this gorgeous rose blooming on some random corner.  I felt like it should be under glass.  The colors were so vibrant and different to be produced by the same plant.  I dunno it just amazed me so I asked Mimi to pull over so I could take a couple of pictures!

Tuesday: Another treatment day...another day for me to spend  being silly to pass the time.  I cannot figure out why people are not snatching up these hair hats...I mean really you can choose any hat an be any hair color you choose!  I also wore my dayglo NOCC walk shoes.  Whenever I wear these shoes at least one person comments on them.

Wednesday:  I think I might have a slightly unhealthy obsession to gnomes.  This is my orange gnome hiding in my new mint growth.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday...this is throwing it back to precious angel's first year at camp.  This was the only year she rode the bus, because I was a nervous wreck wating to hear if they had mad it safely to camp.  Of course sweet Rosie stayed with me while the Bug had a big time at camp.

Friday:  I had my very first accupuncure appointment.  I was a little bit nervous...but it was so relaxing and did help with my back pain.  I don't mean that I am cured or anyhing...but I can walk around a little bit more than I could beofre...and that is freaking amazing...all done with these tiny pins.
My dad is not doing much to contain my gnome obesession..he brought me these 2 "gnomies" that he found at Walgreens aren't they adorable!!!!!

Saturday:  My aunt picked me up and took me to see my Aunt and Uncle's tent in this litle pop up market.  In my opinion they had some of the most amazing stuff to sell...but some of the other booths were alright.  I got this lovely dragonfly for one of my new flowerbeds.  The pictures doesn't relly do the insiect justice.  It is amazing  when the sun hits it just right it lights up like a prism with all the colors of the rainbow.  Then I took some shots in the King's Whimsy tent.  My Aunt and Uncle are so talemtned and I love looking at all the new ways they have found to create amazing works of art  The rainbow cable braid wins it for me!

Sunday: I cheated and used a Saturday picture...but I didn't edit it ntil Sunday.  I was so ired and by this day my chemo pains had totally gotten the upper hand.  So I had to dig through some other pics from this is onlu one extra day old...oh has to be o.k. this project is ultimately for mr so I can fudge a little on the ruls.  Anyhoo...this is a pic of the color coded books at Brewed...arent's they lovely?

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