Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tiny Tiny Robin visits the Arboretum

About a month ago we (Mimi, The Bug, and I) made the trek to Dallas to spend the night with my Aunt (Big Red), and visit the Arboretum.  It was the beginning of Spring and the Arboretum had over 500,000 tulips on the grounds.  I realized when we arrived in Dallas that Tiny Batman had not made the trip.  Luckily my cousin has a little boy who LOVES superheroes and he had a Tiny Batman, Tiny Robin and Tiny Superman of his own.  He said we could borrow them for the trip.  I thought that was very sweet, but I wasn't sure he would remember the next morning.  He did remember and was so excited every time I took a picture of Tiny Robin enjoying things at the Arboretum.  

UM....I'm feeling a little like lunch...made of metal...silly superhero!

UM....little boy...young man...can a tiny superhero
get a helping hand? Where are you going?!? 
Help Help...I being eaten...oh wait this lion is stone like the frog right?!?

Tiny Robin invited his pal Tiny Superman to join us for some queso and a Topo Chico!

It was a little windy, but the sun was out and the temperature was very mild, so this was an amazing way to kick off our Spring Break.   I spent some time out of my chair getting down on the same level as all the gorgeous flowers.  I realized that in almost every tulip bed there were daffodils.  Aunt Sherry tells me that they do this on purpose to help with pollination.

Look the bug has a smile and it still works!


My mom has a Camelia bush at home and the blooms always surprise her
because they pop up before anything else is in bloom.

I borrowed these muppet gloves from BIg Red/Cici

The Bug....turned into a cat!

work those glasses Miss Soph

Little Red aka the Maa, and The Bug

We wrapped everything up at the end of the day having AMAZING tacos at a restaurant called Torchy's Tacos!!!!  If you have one of these anywhere close to you...don't't get it to there.  If you are a queso lover...definitely try the queso.

This collage photo says it was a Damn Good day!
To the moon and back my lovelies,

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