Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 1-7: Week in Review

I am finally caught up (almost).  At least these pics were taken last week.  Last week was treatment 1 of cycle 4, and it kicked my rear end.  I had several days where I barely got out of bed.  and my worst days were at the end of the week not the beginning (that is new), usually I feel uber crummy right away and then it fades.  This didn't come on a strong, but it layed me out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So I have to admit I was scrambling for photo subjects...I would agree that Sunday is the worst...but whatever I still have a pic for each day...project 365 lives!!  

To the moon and back my lovelies,

I felt the same way on Monday - my babies and their mommy and daddy had to go home!  :(

One last walk with Miss Lily

UMMMM...Tiny Robin...that is NOT a slide it is a model of a uterus!  ~  Tiny Batman
WHEE....ERRR WHAT?!?!?  ~  Tiny Robin

Another Tuesday another snapshot of my feet.

Mimi finished maybe my favorite puzzle so far.  Yummy cupcakes in rainbow colors!!!!!
This made my Wednesday seem a little brighter.

Thursday - These are the cool looking (or at least cool looking to me)
neons on the way out of my therapist office!

Flashback Friday - This is one of our only family portraits.  We may need to update this soon

Saturday - This tickles me so much.  She has all her favorite toys in the bed,
so she is practically laying on the hearth.

Sunday - I took this photo in my kitchen.
Sunday starts with "s" and this has always
looked like it is hanging upside down.
LAME...I will do better this week...maybe.

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