Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well Hello

I've been gone for a bit...and I am sorry for that.  My little family unit is working into the new schedule with my new chemo schedule.  I am on a new treatment that is on for three weeks nad then I get a week off.  It is a little rigorous and I seem to use the week off to rest up for the three weeks on...but it is bringing my numbers down and that is a GREAT thing.  All the chemos give me lots of time to find new cool blogs to I wanted to share some of my new faves with you.  

This lady is adorable and I am totally jealous of her hair.  I love her vintage style and she loves color almost as much as I do.  She is also doing Project I enjoy seeing what she chooses to photograph each day!

So that is all for now I will share another blog next post.  But really check that one out...she is a great writer and has amazing style...IMHO!

To the moon and back,

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