Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Yup...I made it another year.  I thought I was turning 36...but my parents let me know that I am actually turning 37.  I swear the year of Taxotere and Carboplatin I lost time.  I have been a year behind for my last 2 birthdays.  No matter...I am turning 37...and that feels good.  
Tonight I will be enjoying the company of my family and friends in the only way I know how...surrounded by rainbows.  I have tried to pinpoint when my love affair with rainbows began.  I collected stickers as a child and I was always so so happy when I would get a new rainbow sticker.  I liked them even better than the scratch and sniff stickers I got for having a fit free allergy shot (I didn't have very many scratch and sniff stickers.)  
Seeing a rainbow in the sky makes me giddy and the few times I have been lucky enough to see a double rainbow I thought I might pass out on the's a good thing I did't pass out because I saw one of my double rainbows while driving.  I love making rainbow cakes where the icing is plain old white but the cake inside is all the colors of the rainbow.  
If I take the time to organize anything...I organize in rainbow order (nail polish, clothes in my closet, colored pencils, stuffed animals, etc.)  
The Bug insisted I get a pillow pet.  She was convinced my life cold not possibly be complete without a pillow pet.  So for about a year I told her the only pillow pet I wanted was the moose.   The moose had been discontinued, so it was a good way for me to get out of getting a pillow pet without hurting "The Bug's" feelings.  Then we were walking through the mall and there it was the only pillow pet that could ever hope to trump moose...rainbow...tie dye...unicorn.  I mean is like the pillow pet people opened up my brain and took three of my favorite things and mashed them together.  so now I have that pillow pet and if I get scared she makes it a little better.  
I also love how many of my friends are also enamored with all things rainbow.  I guess we rainbow folks tend to seek each other out.  At least 2 of my closest friends have the same OCD tendencies as I do when it comes to the rainbow.  There is an order to a rainbow in the there should be an order to all other rainbow things.  If I find something rainbow hued but the colors are in the wrond order or there is a color missing I keep on walking.  It seems silly, but his name is ROY G. BIV.  Not YOG R. VIB or any other silly variation.  
So there you have of the many quirks I have picked up along the way during my 37 on this planet.  Hopefully I will have another 37 to pick up many many more odd little things that make me unique.

To the Moon and back my friends,

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  1. AMEN SISTER!! I LOVE YOU! Your OCD Rainbow twin.. or triplet...