Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Long Time no Type!

It turns out having chemo only once a month makes my life so much better.  I actually have energy.  I get out of bed.  I can breath easier.  I can be an effective mother who is actually on the clue bus.  The last one is the most valuable to me.  It feels somewhat foreign to be able to weigh in with a decent opinion when our teen gets a little rowdy.  I'll be honest I do still get cross more quickly than before.  I'm working on that.  It isn't her fault that chemo still makes me extra tired in the afternoons.  It isn't her fault that she doesn't talk as fast as I do (or as fast as her Mimi does) I need to practice listening to stories told slowly.  I need not to get exasperated if she starts telling a story in the middle of my favorite show (isn't that why there is a pause button).  So there it chemo has lifted my quality of life to a place I have not seen in a very long time.  Oh I forgot to tell you....the chemo is Doxil...I was terrified of this drug for over 2 years.  If i was given a choice Doxil was always on the list and I ALWAYS chose something else.  I started this drug...I had one treatment (it did nothing...but allow my CA-125 to go up)...I had the second treatment (it started to I said above... energy ... breathing ... mothering ... it all got a little bit better), so Doxil isn't all that bad...actually it is a little bit amazing.  So with my CA dropping...I am off to Austin this weekend.

To the and back my lovelies,

here are some pics just for fun
I can open my mouth way bigger 
than you.....AHHHHHHHHHHH!

my precious pup looking so regal!

Robin signing autographs for her adoring 
public (or adoring aunts and cousins)

the pulse ox reader made my 
finger a little bit SAD.

new hats from Texas Oncology...I 
love that my lips match the hat.

Binoculars...or Alien eyes...nobody can really say!

Witness protection for dogs...
I think this could be perfect!

The picture shows how she gets table scraps...
you try saying no to those eyes.

Yarn bombed bicycle

Many...many...childhood hours drawn out in sidewalk chalk...thank you street artist!

Tiny Batman can beat down any foe...
with any number of heads

another slightly smallish batman

Batman exploring the pulmonologist's model

This is the trunk after The Bug spent 3 weeks taking apart our organizational efforts...ahh camp!

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