Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It has been over a year since I had to take steroids in any form other than IV.   Last week I stared a new regime for my chemo.  I have spent months feeling like I was just treading water...not actively battling the cancer...just holding up my arms keeping it at bay.  This new regime is me actively battling that cancer.  I am back on the front lone treatment so I am back on oral steroids.  Day before, day of,  and day after treatment...I get to take 8mg of dexamethasone 2x a day.  Let me just say I HATE steroids.  They upset my stomach....I've been told that they can't upset my stomach...because I am taking them to control nausea...but the steroids stop the crappy stomach feeling goes with it.  They also make me hungry as hell.   I mean constantly eating for 3 days hungry.  Funny thing is...I feel good to be back on the front line.  This way when my daughter asks if I'm terminal...and I have to say yes...I can ad that I doing EVERYTHING I can do to kick cancers ass!  When she sets a goal for me to still be around to see her first baby graduate from kindergarten, I can tell her that I will do my best and mean it.  I may have to feel crummy because I the drugs...I may have to feel crummy because of the steroids...I may gain in fat the 40 pounds of fluid I have managed to get rid of because of the eating...but I am actively fighting.
That's all...I'm back..and I'm fighting,
To the moon and back,

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