Friday, February 3, 2012

And Away I go....

So next Tuesday is the day...well the first day of my appointments at MD Anderson.  I had a meeting yesterday about the clinical trial available to me here in town...and I think I had been living in a small state of denial.  I mean it isn't like I forgot I have cancer...I just think I put in in an unreachable section of my brain and made full use of my month off.  That all came crashing down around me at the meeting yesterday.  It was hard to sit and listen to all the things that are VERY UNLIKELY...but might have some rare chance of happening to me on the clinical trial.  That indeed they did put the words in the release that "This may not be at all beneficial to you, but it could help many cancer patients in the future." This is my most viable option...a treatment that may or may not be beneficial to me...may or may not cause me to have unexplained infection around my anus...really MY ANUS...geez.  Oh well...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...
Today I picked up my PET scan and CT scan results from Texas Oncology to show off at MD Anderson.    So I have my head up and maybe even a little hope...if nothing else I will get to see my brother and his adorable little family.  I hear that their tiny Miss is walking everywhere...and the Little Man is still totally into dinosaurs...RAWR.  They will be my ray of light...I put up with all the poking and prodding and I get to play with my favorite little people!
So there's the the moon and back friends,
pic of the day

I love these colors....and I think camels are cute!


  1. Love ya and will be praying for you and for good things to happen...especially in the anus area. ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha. I know, I know...not so funny if you are the one dealing with it. But I know you will appreciate the silliness. And you know that I truly, truly hope that this is the visit that changes everything for the better for you!

  2. You and your anus will be in my thoughts. Wait.. er.. that didn't really come out right.. um..... ::awkward::
    =0) love you