Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thankfulness...Day 126

I've been thankful for this for several days...but I have been sort of preoccupied so I haven't gotten around to blogging about it.  I am thankful for this little chemo holiday.  I get to live without thinking about my CA-125.  I get to go weeks without stomach issues.  My hair is growing like crazy, and a wonderful woman at the Lash Lounge made eyelashes possible.  
Most of all...I get to feel like a productive mom again...I actually have the energy to focus on the Bug's homework AND classwork.  She might not be so thrilled about means that she actually has to think about her work.  This month has also given me the opportunity to focus on her.  She is growing up and morphing into this beautiful young lady.  She is auditioning for a fine arts school...taking control of how she interacts with the kids at school...and making an effort to be a helpful productive member of our house.  Without chemo and the haze it brings...I have gotten to witness and enjoy all these changes.  We have traveled together by train...watched YouTube together...and learned to share my best friend.  She still sometimes chooses her room over time with me...but sometimes if I ask nicely we read together...or watch Big Bang Theory. 
I could really get used to these feelings.  I plan on fully enjoying the next week and a half...then I will go to MD Anderson and figure out where to go from here.  One of the most constructive things I have learned is that life without a plan is not always terrible.  This has been a month without a plan, and I love it.
to the moon and back friends,
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