Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thankfulness...Day 125

No need for silver lining today...the whole day is good.  The Bug let the pup out of my room when she got up so that she wouldn't wake me sweet.  After everyone was up (Mimi and PawPaw included) we went on a short shopping spree.  The Bug is getting her new bedroom furniture this week and we had not picked out a mattress yet.  So off to Mattress Experts we go.  She found a great mattress...not too soft...not too hard...just right.  She could totally play Goldilocks.  After picking her mattress we stopped to get some earrings for my fuzzy head.  I am preparing for the eyelashes I am getting on Wednesday...if  I have eyelashes and can wear mascara again...I want sassy earrings to match.  We came home as a family and then Mimi and PawPaw headed out to the grocery store.  I would like to say I was uber productive during the time they were gone...but in truth I read my book (The Hunger Games) and napped on the sofa.    We ate a fabulous dinner as a family (salmon and quinoa salad), and now we are wrapping up the day watching Moneyball together.   I love it when I get to spend quality relaxed time with the people I love.   Good night all!
to the moon and back my friends,

pics of the day

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