Monday, January 16, 2012

outdoor shenanigans!

I meant to share some of these pictures before now...but life seems to keep me from completing some tasks.  So now almost a moth after the fact I am going to share some of the memories I created the day after christmas!

he's a little difficult to catch with a camera!

it was so fun to watch them run all over and play together.  Sliding down the slides...squeezing into kiddie cars...squeezing into tire swings...riding the tricycles even if one of them did bang her knees over and over again...Mimi even planked for us! The nephew chased the Bug everywhere.  She was a great sport and seemed to enjoy engaging in some good old fashioned horse play!  It was such a great day...I hope to enjoy more of these. 


look at that smile!  I melt!

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