Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thankfulness...Day 123

Let me start by saying I am not a person who believes I am better than anyone else or thinks that I deserve different treatment based on who I know.  With that being said today I am very thankful that my parents know people who are willing to ask for special treatment.  I made an appointment at MD Anderson for February the 7th...I knew that I would have to delay any type of treatment until I had this appointment.  The fact that my appointment is almost a month away placed a knot of worry solidly in my belly.  Since my diagnosis I have not gone more than three weeks without having chemo...and that was when they were infusing the big drugs.  Now here I sit with no toxic materials coursing through my veins and instead of feeling blessed and at ease for the break...I am tense and extraordinarily worried.  So my Dad has contacts...he had some strings he could pull and pull them he did.  Yesterday I had a name and a telephone number for a board member at MD Anderson.  I called today and she called on my behalf.  SO far I still have the same appointment date, but at least the wheels are squeaking in my favor.  I need all the good juju I can muster sent to the powers that be in Houston.  It would alleviate lots of worry for lots of people if they could find a spot for me before the 7th.  No matter what I have done all I can do to find the best treatment option...find the newest way to seek and destroy all the nasty cancer cells in my body.  That's all I wanted to say...even though I don't like asking for special treatment...I am elated that there are people who love me and have no qualms asking if there is any way I can go first!
love you guys to the moon and back!

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