Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Every So Often I need a Reminder

Today was one of those days.  I spent most of the morning curled up under the covers hiding from today. I made the trek to MD Anderson (I post about that later), I didn't get any great news...and I made me mad sad and just defeated.  My Mom went to Jazzercise and I had wanted to get up and go with her...instead I hid under the covers and slept.  She came home from Jazzercise and I was still asleep...she woke me up and let me know my Brother and his family would be at Chuck E. Cheese's and she really thought I should go.  Instead I stayed in bed and checked my email...I did finally get up and get dressed to go see my favorite niece and nephew!  It was good...being with family always makes me feel better.  They were so cute Little Man shoving tokens into games getting half way finished and running on to another game...leaving his sweet daddy to finish up.  The Little Lady walked all over the game area...that's right walked.  Walked like she had been doing it forever...they grow up entirely too fast.  She is also pretty good at the open mouthed baby kisses (nothing my opinion).  Lunchtime fun had to end at some point and then mom and I had to pack up to come back the defeated feelings returned.  I rage against them...I try so hard to ignore the bad stuff and cling like mad to the good...but today the bad stuff was winning.  We drove up into the driveway and parked the van.  As I got out of the car I could hear all kinds of rustling in the tree beside our house.  I stood for a minute to watch the birds in the didn't take long to realize the tree was filled with ROBINS!  Like the movie The Birds filled...if it had been any other type of bird I probably would have made a mad dash for the house.  I have never noticed that Robins particularly loved that tree before...I think it was a little message from God right when I needed it. The Bug was so far away and she loves Robins...God filled that tree with our favorite bird to help quiet my soul.  To bring me a bit of piece in the middle of all this turmoil.  A reminder that he is with me at every step holding me up when I need it...standing quietly by my side when I have to be alone...and raging against the defeated feelings with me.  I walked inside...picked up my camera and then went back to the tree to enjoy the moment.  I loved every second of watching those birds inhale berries off each branch.  I loved watching them take flight if I made too much noise.  I felt happiness, excitement and peace with every click of my lens.  I hope everyone else had at least one moment when they felt complete peace today!
To the moon and back my lovelies!

the Robin Tree...

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