Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deck the Walls - Journal Your Christmas

I am saving the tree for another post.  I mean all the different ornaments...lights...and garlands...can be a blog all on their own.  I want to talk about everything else.  I started collecting Christmas decorations  long before I had a house to decorate. The very first thing I bought came from an estate sale.  It is a small ceramic christmas tree...ya know the ones that have little peg lights and a bulb inside to make them glow.  I might not have given this one another was missing all its lights...and like I said it was was also royal blue.  I have seen my fair share of these trees and I have never seen one in blue...never before and never since.  So this little lone tree started my collection.  That is really all it takes.  One item...and a desire to find more so you can create a family.  Now with the help of another one of my aunts I have about 15 trees...all different sizes...all different colors (O.K. mostly green)...even different shaped lights.  Some have their original base some have a base made loving by my dad.  They take over my hearth every season and in the evening when the timer clicks and the trees light up...there is a place in my heart that lights up too!  I collect other types of trees also.  I have a few stuffed fabric trees...some trees meant to display any special ornaments you might want to show off...I even have a Charlie Brown tree (complete with one ornament).  I also have the trees I made for myself.  I have a set made of pushpins...and then I have the ribbon trees that were the subject of a tutorial last year.  That's all for now...see you tomorrow!

To the moon and back,

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