Monday, December 3, 2012

My Manifesto - Journal Your Christmas 2012

Heres to the holidays
Everything about it...the sights, the smells, the decorations...absolutely EVERY little thing.  
The cursing from my parents about the lights that need to go on the tree.  The lights that worked last year and inexplicably DO NOT work this year.  
The happiness created while decorating the tree...hanging stockings...placing the advent calendar in its place every season...then velcroing all the pieces for the calendar to the felt tree at the top. 
Heres to watching Rudolph every year and passing that tradition down to the next generation...everyone needs to know about bullying based on appearance..RIGHT?!?
Heres to writing a letter the the Jolly man up North.  Hoping for the entire month that he delivers your one true wish...disappointment when you do not in fact receive a pony...unimaginable joy when you do receive Barbie's Palamino horse with a barbie to boot!
Heres to family with all its little quirks and complications.  Who will spend which days with which side of the family...excitement or sadness over which one of these groups include you.  
Heres to coming up with a new tradition for THIS season.  A decision to document my favorite month and preserve it on the internet for all that care to read it.  
Heres to Christmas and all the Joy it provides!

To the moon and back my lovelies!
everyone needs a BUMBLE in their life!

Christmas decor is the BEST!

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