Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Alright...I just heard about this and I HAD to share.  I have been working my way through a set of YouTube videos.  The creator of these videos is Josh Sundquist and when he was nine he was diagnosed with cancer and ultimately lost a leg.  I have been amazed by so many things about him...his sense of humor...lust for life...rockin' 6 pack...dreamy blue eyes...the power of his positivity and the contagious nature said positivity.  Today I watched the most meaningful 2 videos yet...he is putting out a animated series based on his book and this weeks episode is great...also a video called 1mt1mt.  
This is the book...a great read and so funny!

What is 1mt1mt?  Well it means "1more thing...1 more time!" Brilliant...right...so perfect for everything!  I need to cover my house in post-its with that initial ism.  Sometimes it is hard for me to wrap my head around how many more times I will have to subject my body to the toxins of chemo...now I can just say to myself "1mt1mt."  Giving up my classroom has been extraordinarily difficult...now I have it covered..."1mt1mt."    Robin refuses to get ready in what I consider to be a timely manner...yup..."1mt1mt (or maybe with this one it will be 1mt1,000,000mt)!"  I had to share this, because has brought me peace already, and I learned it 15 minutes ago.  I hope it can help any of you that might be struggling with something or even on the verge of giving up...just remember 1mt1mt!

Love to all

Oh why not...here's another quote...now I can ALWAYS say I'm fine

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