Thursday, July 28, 2011

Painting Rocks

Today Robin and I hung out at home and painted the rocks we hunted on Monday.  It was a simple fun project, but Robin and I had toooooo many rocks.  I think next time we will pick 2 or 3 and do them up right.  We spent lots of time watching paint dry...not really we would abandon our rocks and then come back to check the drying progress.  My friend Tish does this with her girls and the rocks they paint turn out so adorably precious!  So here is what came of our first attempt!  I did paint my rocks white to start...actually to start I painted 2 of them, one red.  They looked TERRIBLE so I decided to paint them all white!  I am pretty impressed with how they turned out.  All I have left to do to mine is add Mod Podge...Robin still has some finishing touches to add.
Start with washed rocks...dirt does not paint well!  These are mine.

These are Robin's

Acrylics work well, because they don't take TOO long to dry.  Yes...that is an ice tray for the palette.

lots and lots of brushes

I painted my rocks white first so the colors would stay true!

Here are the ones I have finished...they still need a coat of Mod Podge.  I <3 the owl and the shoe!

Here are Robin's bug paperweights.  She is going to sell them door to door!

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