Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Duckpond - Day 2

Yesterday we went back to the duckpond with an almost full loaf of bread.  Robin informed that the sell by date passed "Over a MONTH ago....MOM!"  So the ducks got slightly stale...but NOT moldy bread.  They were perfectly pleased with the bread.  Rosie stayed home, so I could really enjoy all the wildlife without my sweet puppy chasing the birds and squirrels away.  Robin was able to feed several geese by hand and I think maybe even a duck...I drew the line at squirrels.  I think they are precious as long as they stay about arms length away from me.  I'm sure they are no more dangerous than the geese I let my child hand feed...they just seem sneaky.  We saw so many birds...and my little naturalist loved pointing out the different species and genders of the birds.  She even fed a sad looking little grackle.  "Mom it is so might be starving! OH look it took my bread....AWE look it's limping!  What can we do?  Mom....what can we do?"  I love her tender heart and sweet nature with animals.  My aunt just looked at her as she retold the grackle story and said "I just can't wait to see what you decide to be when you grow up."  I can...she is already too grown up for me.  I miss the toddler that needed me for so many things and the young child that looked to me for so much information.  There are days where she still looks to me...and seems to think I am sort of cool...but those days are spacing themselves out on the calendar.  Oh well...she has to grow up and I guess I am anxious to see what she makes of all her imagination and heart!
before we left the park...Robin had named each duck

the black and white one is...Lightning


Right after this...two little girls ran up and scared six of the geese back into the water.

a duck with a cute

This is the squirrel Robin was trying to feed.

I hate to admit it...but that is a really cute face.

We also found a statue of Mark Twain at Trinity Park.  To be honest I had seen it before, but I thought it was Albert Einstein.  My mom was sweet enough to point out that it was probably Mark Twain given he was holding a book and not a beaker.  I think it was an honest mistake and Robin agrees that if the moustache was a little bushier and the hair a little crazier it could totally be Albert Einstein.  
When we walked up on the statue a squirrel was under the bench cooling his belly.  It looked like he was listening to Mark read a story. 
Robin Laughed at Mark's joke...and
I told him a secret!

 Sometimes it's fun to be silly no matter who might be watching!

Another quote:  There are cypress trees all around the duck pond and if you don't know this the roots of a cypress tree poke up out of the ground and they are called "cypress knees."  Upon leaning that information Robin said:  "Well if the saying 'bee's knees' means cool...then I think 'tree's knees' must mean LAME!"  So I hope all of you are the bee's knees.

love to all

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