Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thankfulness from Friday

I thought I might add a couple of old thoughts per day until I get caught up.  I really want to have my year of thankfulness in one place so I can look back on it during my darker chemo days. 

A couple of years ago Robin and I found a tiny batman in a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (see Candice that cereal has always been good to us), and we decided he needed to see so much more than the inside of his box.  His adventures started when we were still living in Beaumont.  Here are some of the pics...

Any activity I planned always went better with Miss Robin if Batman could tag along.  Well in the move Batman got lost in the shuffle, but I found him last week!  Yesterday I chose to walk at the botanic gardens here in Fort Worth.  It is such a calming place, with all the green things and wonderful flowers, it truly makes my heart happy.  I decided Tiny Batman needed an outing so I took him along to the Botanic Gardens.  He had quite an adventure!

I am the tiny master of all I survey!
I will reach the summit.... what?!?

ehem...little help...please...

we meet again...FOUL beast.

oooooo...fishies....oh.uh..ERRHMMM I mean FISH!

little close

hanging at the pad...or maybe my lair!

heeee...tiny batman is so fun. 

So onto  the thankfulness
Friday I was thankful for my precious petite Rosie (clean bill of health from her vet).  She has been such a blessing for me during treatment.  She knows when I feel the worst and she curls up behind my knees to sleep on those nights.  If is am really sick she waits outside the door with her little paws coming under, just so I know she's there.   I can't have any more babies so the fact that she managed to stay under 20 pounds makes her the perfect size to cuddle.  She has made the entire cancer journey a little bit less terrifying for me.  She is a sympathetic ear, and I don't have to worry about scaring her with the dark thoughts that sometimes creep in on me...thanks Rose!
this is my all time fave of her...I picked her up and she is snoozing next to my croc...sweet puppy

here she is with miss robin...they really are like sisters sometimes...Rosie likes to poop on Robin's floor if she (Rosie) feels neglected...hee

here is an almost current picture of her.  She has the sweetest little face!

Quote of the day...My sister in law pinned this on pinterest earlier in the week...but because the nausea is finally gone I think it is a fitting quote!  Thanks have no idea how much light this brought to a truly crummy day!
have a great and sunshine

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