Monday, July 25, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 46

Today was such a great day.  Robin and I set out early with Miss Rosie (our cocker spaniel).  We explored the duck pond...Trinity Park...and Fort Woof (our local dog park).  Right now I am listening to Robin read Kat Kong to Rosie.  I love that she treats Rosie like a little sister...She even gave Rose a bath after her excursion into the Trinity river today. I am thankful for geese that swim a little off kilter...other geese that are willing to get close enough to eat out of your hand...and the tiny itty bitty shade trees at the dog park.

I almost forgot my quote...
I love this...and I am trying to remember it everyday!  It is so bothers me SOOOOO much more when I am trying to explain to Robin why her behavior is making my left eye twitch uncontrollably and she simple stands there smiling!  I want to run screaming tearing the new growth of hair out of my head...when she gets equally angry...neither one of us get anywhere!
Love to all

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