Wednesday, October 12, 2011 82

today I am thankful for my therapist.  

he told me today that I am an amazing woman.  He told me that he loves how I view the world, and that even with a life threatening disease staring me in the face daily...I have not allowed it to invade my soul.  

I told him that I give him a great deal of credit in a huge shift in my outlook.  He is the one who called my attention to the fact that if someone asked about my story the only piece I shared was the cancer part.  He reminded me that I am so much more than some mutated cells.  Because of my therapist I have made a genuine effort to rediscover things that brought light into my heart.  Now the black cloud that normally settles over me one week post treatment isn't here.  I am truly happy.  So for that I am thankful.  

I will work on the ability to gracefully take a compliment.  Mostly I stare at my shoes and wish it would go away.  I am almost comfortable being who I am...and believing that who I am is pretty awesome.  I am NOT comfortable with anyone else commenting on the fact that they might think I am awesome.  Oh well...I can't fix everything all at once...being perfect would be so difficult...heehee

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