Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 85

Today I am thankful for everyone at work.  Sometimes I feel blue...I think that is to be expected with chemo...doctor appointments...crazy hair...yucky stomach...and everything else...but today is not one of those days.  I have a procedure scheduled for tomorrow.  My doctor is going to put some cameras into my abdomen and look around.  She is unnerved by my rising CA-125 and wants to get an idea of what might be going on that wouldn't show up on a CT or PET scan.  Not only will she be looking around with cameras (yes...cameras...plural...3 to be exact)...she will be taking biopsies and doing a wash of my belly (The inside...not the outside).  I have been sort of anxiety ridden for a couple of weeks.  I tried not to think about it, and just push it off to the side...nothing I can do about any of this so why worry...right?!?  I wasn't very successful...I had some really great times with Robin...but my stomach has been gurgly since last week.  Today I worked half a day...and then got to go home and start a colon cleanse (You all wish you were me...right...I know it's hard not to be jealous.)  I am lucky enough to work in a very small school so we are more like family then work people.  I got so many hugs and well wishes today.  I got prayer promises and a surprise Dr. Pepper.  The two ladies who work directly with me in our classroom brought me cards...candy...a Mary Engelbreit calendar...and a rainbow picture frame.  I mean in four hours I got enough warm fuzzies to fill my bucket to the overflow point.  So thanks ladies...I am so lucky to have all of you behind me rooting me on in this battle.  This is just another layover on the way to remission.  I have fully surrendered control to God...He made a plan for me the day was born...I may not always understand it, but it can't be a mistake.  So keep the prayers coming and I will post after all this is over.
to the moon and back!

Quote of the day...actually rainbow quotes of the day...just to make me blissfully happy!

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