Friday, October 28, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 86

Hello all,
Well I had my procedure on Wednesday, and I spent most of yesterday dozing on and off.  I did leave the house once to meet with an AFLAC representative about short term disability eligibility.  They have one program that would work for me, but I won't be eligible until January 2013.  Hopefully I will be in good health by then and I won't need the benefit, but I enrolled anyway, because you never know.  
I am thankful that my doctor found some microscopic cancer cells during my surgery.  It feels weird to be GLAD that she found cancer, but now I have something to fight.  Instead of waiting around and continuing a treatment that isn't really working...I get to switch up my treatment options and go back to killing the lame cancer cells.  I meet with my doc on Tuesday, so I will have more info then,  For now I am thankful to be back on an active road, and I am also thankful to have pain meds to help me stay comfortable. is time for another nap...
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