Friday, December 16, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 116

I've decided to make a change.  I'm not sure simply being thankful for something everyday is still bringing me the personal lift it did at the beginning.  Lately life has been landing some sucker punches and being thankful has been a bit out of reach.  So...I have decided to find the silver lining instead.  The silver lining acknowledges the clouds that are present and just puts a positive spin on them.  The presence of big beefy storm clouds in my life is a fact...but by golly I can stitch a pretty sparkly silver lining around each one.

That said...silver lining for mother's heartfelt belly laugh at my puppy in the backyard.  The puppy is in the backyard because I have strep and a red blood count of I am too tired to get up every time she sees a squirrel outside to take her out.  However...getting to the place where I ignored he whimpers at the back door led to the need for a new comforter on my bed (silver lining there...I got to buy new bedding...WHEEEE!). So the pup is outside and she is frolicking around the yard chasing all the squirrels (not catching any, but making some valiant 180 degree leaps in her efforts).  Finally she realizes more squirrels come into the yard of they CAN'T see her.  So she hides behind her tree.  The Bug has a tree and Rosie (the pup) has a tree...I'm glad they don't have to bicker over the same tree.  The pup is a precious cocker spaniel and petite for her she hides nicely behind the tree.  My mom stepped outside to put out some water, and Rosie leaped out from behind her tree.  My mom died laughing.  I mean picture it complete with the appears from nowhere..ready to pounce.  It really is funny.  Without strep and like 6 blood cells pup would have been inside and no one would have that gem of a mental picture.  You're welcome.

Well, the Bug started her Christmas vacay officially today and she will be going to see a local production of Narnia tonight.  Things are peaceful at the house and I think in a little bit we will be decorating our tree.  I hope to put up our aluminum tree, and kitchen tree tomorrow...that will leave The Bug's feather tree and my ceramic tree hearth display.  If I haven't mentioned it before I like Christmas VERY much...and I like Christmas decorations even more.
Have a great weekend
To the moon and back,
pics of the day

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