Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gingerbread Fun

Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty awesome...not even awesome for one day post chemo...just plain awesome.  The Bug and Mimi were going to decorate gingerbread houses and I really didn't think I would feel up to it, but guess what....I did.  I was dressed and ready to go when Mimi got home from jazzercise.  I think she was a little surprised to see me...ready to go anywhere.  Like I said, yesterday was a great day.  It was the Bug's birthday and I just decided it needed to be a good day.  I don't want her youth to be speckled with good memories amid tons of memories of things her mom missed because the chemo made her feel sick.  I don't want my disease to define her teen years.  The fact that it seems to be defining my thirties is such a bummer.  So off we went to decorate gingerbread goodness. 
I should have known how this would pan out.  I got really into decorating my house, and the Bug was over it after about 25 minutes.  It was fun to watch her stream of consciousness decorating.  Her house is dotted with large white gumdrops.  Her backstory (there is always a backstory) is that an old geezer lives in the house and the children of the neighborhood like to give him a hard time.  So they throw large snowballs at his roof.  So her house has at least 4 large white gumdrops stuck in strange places.  She has a tree in the front with a candy cane resting against it.  Mini houses need candy cane love too.  After she finished her house and left my mom and I at a table blissfully decorating our houses...she made friends with a little girl who was there to help clean up after we finished.  They talked about dance...the little girl had been in a local performance of the Nutcracker...the Bug likes watching other people dance.  
At the end of this experience...I was the one who had to be hurried along...pushed into being finished...cajoled out of the building.  So I think a merry time was had by all...even if we only had an hour to complete our gingerbread masterpieces!
to the moon and back,

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