Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 117

Silver lining of the tree is up and decorated...thank you Mimi, PawPaw and the Bug.  I mostly lay on a heating pad (I was freezing).  It is beautiful.  There is something about Christmas decorations.  They just make my soul feel lighter.  I of course dip into the more whimsical color scheme for Christmas.  No basic red and green sireeee...I have hot pink, red, lime green, teal, and white.  It works for my house, and for the Bug too.  Not sure my parents fully buy into it yet, but they play along.  My mom really got into decorating the tree.  It's been a long time since it felt like a family project to get the tree up and ready for the presents.  For many years my mom sat in the living room alone decorating a tree that no one seemed to care about except her.  I would like to think even if I had to put the tree up all by myself and decorate it alone too...that I would still do it...but I'm not sure.  I know sometimes it is hard...blending our generations together under one roof...but I'm happy we are all here together.  It makes it where nobody has to be alone unless they choose to...sometimes even if a person wants to be alone they have company.  I know lots of people who have to walk through life without the support of parents and other family.  I see people alone at chemo every time I go.  I will never be one of those people.  My mom will move mountains to be there for every treatment.  She says the thought of me getting pumped up with those drugs and sitting all alone breaks her heart and she can't let it happen.  I don't say it enough...I love you Mama and keep my house running when I just can't get everything done.  Thank you, and I hope we get to decorate the tree together for lots of years in the future!
I also got to play with my new camera today.  I took some adorable pics of the Bug in her tree and also got some action shots of my pup.  I haven't said anything about the camera because I wanted to have some pics that I took with said camera to post.  I guess it was about 3 weeks ago...I bought the Canon Rebel t2i at Sam's.  I have been searching for the perfect DSLR for about 5 years.  I am so impulsive about some things.  I will walk into Hobby Lobby and walk out one hundred dollars lighter without batting an eye (truthfully I might do that 2-3 times a month).  This this camera...took some time.  I looked at Nikon...I looked at Canon...I read reviews...technical reviews...real people reviews.  I compared the t2i and the t1i...then I compared the t2i and the t3...then the t2i and the t3i.  Are you seeing the pattern here?  Everything I read about the Rebel t2i was great...but you know what nailed it for me.  This year at Thanksgiving...I stole a glance at the camera my cousin Matt uses (Canon Rebel t2i).  I know the camera is a tiny piece of what makes amazing pictures's like installing a Viking and hoping the stove will transform you into a gourmet chef overnight.  I know that camera doesn't make the greatest photo the person behind the lens does the work.  I've been practicing for years...point and DSLRs...even my iPhone...I finally felt ready to make the jump.  Now I have some pics to show off.  I love this is light enough not to feel cumbersome, but heavy enough to be substantial in my hands.  It is my new baby and I love it very much.  I has a special place behind the bar in my living room so it is never far off if I need to capture something.
Well those are my two silver linings of the day...good night friends
to the moon and back, 

pics of the day

I love the way she lays...her rear legs look like frog legs

Nothing like a good roll in the grass on a sunny day

I did edit this one a bit...but look how
grown up she looks...SCARY

face of an angel!

my next hairpiece...HA!

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