Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012...

I made it!  I have been told on two occasions so far this year that I "don't have enough cancer" to be included in some things.  My christmas decorations are already down.  I have inspected the continuing ed catalog for ways to educate myself this year.  Then I decided I needed a plan.  I tend to fritter my time away without a plan.  So here are the resolutions I have made for this year.  
1. Work harder to enjoy the now...because there is NOTHING I can do about the later.

2. Yarn Bomb Something...I'm wondering which tree or bench on campus might need a new scarf?

3. Buy a convertible...or at least make really good friends with someone who will let me drive theirs on sunny days.  I will feel the breeze blow through my stubble at some point in 2012.

4. Take a photography class...I would love for the pictures I love not to be accidental.

5. Travel more...I have a nasty case of wanderlust.  My goal is to see at least 2 additional states this year.

6. Make my bed everyday for at least a month...I hear it takes 30 days to create a habit.  Maybe if I make my bed for that many days...I will actually be able to make it everyday this year.  I do love how my room looks with the bed made.

7. Make sure my shoes make it to the closet.  It is truly amazing how many times they stop short of the floor of my closet.  I have found them in the the chair in my bedroom...even right outside of their closet.  Hopefully this year they will make it home every day!

I typed in pile of shoes and this came up...too precious!
8. Take a train...somewhere.  Probably Austin...but maybe

9. Make sure I don't lose touch with Robin...create outings and require her presence.  Even if she makes that sulky teenager face at the start...past experience shows she will be my giddy little girl by the end.

10.Organize at least one Family Craft Night/Day...2011's Tie Dye Party was a hoot and a half...any suggestions for this year?

11. Go to the botanic gardens at least one time each season.

12. Complete my Pay it Forward Challenge.  Make sure that at least once a month I complete a crafty project and send it on to one of my winners.
Hopefully I will be able to keep myself on track and finish each of these resolutions.  I have thought up a charm to add to my Brighton bracelet for each completed task.  Welcome...Welcome 2012...I am sure this will be my year!
to the moon and back,

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