Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 111

Today I am thankful for the way life works. 
The Moncrief center here in town started a survivorship facility, but you have to be out of treatment to use any of their services.  With the information I got from Dr. is looking like I might never get to visit that facility.  I might get small windows of time without chemo, but I will probably never have much time out of treatment.  I have issues that have been caused by chemo.  I have neuropathy, muscle pain, bone pain, fatigue...blah, blah, blah.  The Moncrief canter is set up to help people with all these issues, so it felt like a cruel joke that I would never get help with these issues.  
My mom has been seeing a trainer for a couple of months to help her strengthen her back after an injury.  On Monday I had a bit of a come apart, and was unable to make myself do much of anything all day.  My mom came home from her time at the trainer with information about oncology rehabilitation.  There are two therapists there who have taken special courses to help with the lasting effects brought on by chemo.  It felt wonderful to talk to people about all the little things that make life harder, and have them tell me they could make it better.  
So today I had my first appointment.  I struggled all stomach was not my friend today, but I knew all day that I got to visit with Tony and Barry about what they were going to do to make everything better.  First we met as a group and talked about my journey on the road called ovarian cancer so far.  They let me know that the main goal is for me to be comfortable...I can work in the main room...I can work in a private room...all the massage type things will be in the massage room (interesting right).   After spilling my guts Tony (the massage therapist) decided to map my lymphatic system.  First he asked what I knew about my lymphatic which I is made up of lymph nodes and they carry....ummmmm....stuff around....ummmmm.  He kind of laughed, but was kind enough to tell me that I was obscurely right. Even though I totally fibbed my way through that answer...he still let me lay down on his heated table and he used his super warm hands to see if I had any blockages in my lymphatic system.  Guess what...I don't! 
Barry(the physical therapist) had a family emergency so i didn't get to meet with him.  I do at least know that he will be helping me regain some of my strength.  I made appointments for every Monday and Thursday for the foreseeable future.  I just think God works is such weird ways sometimes.  Without my mom injuring her back...she never would have walked into D Wellness.  Without my come apart over hand pain...and everything else cancer seems to be taking from me.  I never would have gotten the information about these people...I would ever have started on the path to regaining some of the things I thought I had lost forever.  I know this is just the beginning...but if you can't be positive at the beginning when can you be positive?
I hope everyone is having a great day...I know I am!
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