Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 113

13 reasons I am Thankful to be a Mom!
1. I get to think back and remember all the little things that made me laugh..."Hey tou wanna pight!"  The cross eyed Tigger baby running around naked because she had diaper rash...when she discovered about 5 months ago that contrary to the facts as shown in the movie SHREK...geese do not have teeth.

2. Watching my most precious project ever grow into such a lovely young lady...sure she stares daggers at me sometimes, but on most days she loves her Mamma!

3. Realizing that I am raising a child that sees the good in all people.  She befriends children that may not have many friends...because they like the same things she likes and she doesn't care what other people think. 

4. Tucking someone in at night...knowing that someday that will stop breaks my heart but for now I still get to give kisses...hugs...and make sure she has just the right sleep friend before bed.

5.  Watching this little person...bloom in a direction I never would have imagined.  She is definitely her own person and she will be that person and march to that drum even if NOONE around her hears the same beat.  This will serve her well when it comes to peer pressure.  "Why in the world would I do drugs...drugs are stupid!"

6. Trying...with minimal explain that she did not in fact have a tumor in her breast!  I promise sweetie they are called breast buds and all girls get them.  Her answer: "OHHHH NOOOOO I only have one...I am going to be lopsided!!!!!"

7. Knowing that even though I have to have chemo and feel crummy.  Even though the chemo has taken my hair AGAIN!  My daughter is so full of love that she tells me..."Oh mom it's OK to be bald.  I would much rather have a bald mom then a dead mom."  Thanks for that sweetie.

8. Being hopeful enough to enroll her in dance, gymnastics, soccer and theater so that she can find her strengths.   Only to find out she doesn't need dance because she already knows how to dance, watching her pick flowers in midfield while she BooBoo wonders why she isn't following the soccer ball,  and then finally finding that drama is where she shines.

9. Being the mom to someone who can bring home a homework assignment about simple and compound interest and complete it on her own! Thank God she has a math brain...because I think maybe she has surpassed my math abilities.

10. This may sound weird but I am thankful to watch her struggle...but then find her way.  A few weeks ago her pet Budgie died.  I heard her say to my mom "He was really mean to me, so I didn't think I would miss him. But now I have all this caring and nurturing to give and nowhere to put it."  So we buried the bird, and planted flowers, so that she can tend and nurture the flowers.

11. I get to see her goals in life develop.  As a toddler she wanted to be a ballerina (difficult when you feel that you need no dance instruction).  As a young child a veterinarian.  As a preteen a wild animal vet. animal trainer...where you ask...well the circus of course!

12. I get to be the one to teach her about forgiveness...and how to handle a bully.  We are really working on turning the other cheek...or even better turning the bullying into something positive and then walking away.  Someone says "You're gay!"  You say "Well I wish everyone was as gay as me...being happy is a ton of fun!"  Really the puzzled look on their face will discourage them deciding to pick on you again...bullies don't like it when you make them think!

and finally...
13.  I have been here for every milestone...the first teeth...the first steps...the first black eye (she was a climber)...the first crush...even the first bra.  I wouldn't trade being the constant in her world for anything.  She knows I will always be here ready to pick her up and dust her off when she falls.  She knows I love her enough to weather the teen she feels totally comfortable telling me she hates me, and that I treat her like dirt.  That's why today...I made chocolate pancakes in the shape of a 13...we have survived 13 years together as mother and daughter.  I look forward to the next 13...I love you Bug

Have a great day...we are off to decorate gingerbread houses!
to the moon and back!

pictures for the day
had to light the candle on a burner...
my mom doesn't trust me with lighters

This was easier than I thought!

I tried to corral my mess!

That is a happy 13 year old face!

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