Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cycle one - two thirds complete

I went today for the second treatment in my first cycle.  Next week I have a week off.  I am super excited, because Robin starts school next week!

As treatments go...last week was kind of rough.  I think I will have to get back in the mindset that ALL foods will make me nauseates, so I just need to pick ones that will nourish my body the best and deal with the fallout.  Case in point...last week I lived on cereal, rice, apple juice, and cinnamon raisin bread.  By Saturday night I was hungry, but I know if when I put in bland I was nauseated, if I try to put in normal I am asking for trouble.  I quickly shooshed the voice in my head saying...have a sub sandwich...try chicken salad...anything but...PIZZA!  I couldn't stop nausea wracked body yearned for pizza.  So I got pizza.  It was soooo good.  I'm not sure pizza has ever tasted that good.  the good feelings lasted for about 3 hours and then my stomach felt bruised.  The next morning the pizza made a return appearance.  OH WELL...I tried. 

That is the point of this post...there is some moment when it doesn't really matter if you know your decision is bad.  Sometimes it just has to be made.  So many of my questionable decisions have landed me in the place necessary to launch some facet of my life.  I had a baby at 22...she pushed my lazy butt in college.  The Bug decided she didn't want to come home with my family after an evacuation.  She wanted to stay in Fort Worth, live with Maa, and start a new school.  That decision facilitated my move to Fort Worth! Without my move to Fort Worth...I might not have caught my cancer at all!  I will continue to eat the metaphorical pizza.  I hope sometimes it goes my way, but if it doesn't, oh well...realllllllly good pizza is worth sooooo much more than a small bowl of rice chex!

To the moon and back my friends,

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