Sunday, August 5, 2012

Old Route 66 - Heroine Vintage and Eddie

The Bug and I were obsessed with finding old Route 66 in Amarillo.  I know the guidebooks and the comments online made it sound totally lame, but we needed to see for ourselves.  There were lots and lots of biker bars, biker dealerships, and bikers.  No offense, but if I am riding with the top down in a lane next to about 5 harleys...there is no chance for conversation.  No worries, that only happened once and to get away from the noise we pulled over...parked and found an amazing vintage shop to browse.

 The Bug wanted to know why they would put drugs in  the name of their shop, and such a terrible drug.  I explained that heroine could also mean a female hero in a story.  That changed her thoughts about this place immediately.  She couldn't wait to get inside to see what a vintage female hero would have for her to find.  The store is lovely.  Everything has been displayed to get the most bang for their buck.  Colors are grouped together.  Eras are grouped together.  Items of clothing are grouped together (they had 4 mink stoles in the dressing room).  More than anything they had the laid back vintage vibe.  No rush...nobody following me around wondering what exactly I was going to purchase and why in GAHD's name had I not made said purchase yet.

The clerk...dressed adorably in clothes that obviously came from the shop...chilled behind the counter listening Sinatra...Dean Martin..and even some really smooth jazz.  The music urges a shopper to stick around and really dig into their product.  Dig I did...I looked around and realized at least one reason I felt so at home in this store.  All the clothes had been sorted by color.  It was a rainbow spectrum playground all for me.
silver things

Look Aunt Karla.....lots and lots of thermoses!   After our little dress up The Bug noticed the kitten and was totally smitten.  I have to say he was a love worthy furbie.  He was playful but not too rough and he really enjoyed a cuddle.  I know he was the shop mascot, but I totally wanted to smuggle him out in my bag. His name was Eddie!  

Our budget being what it is...we did not make any purchases...but if you live in the Amarillo by and give them a shot!  It is totally worth your time.  I think there might even be a little cafe where you can wet your whistle a few store fronts away!

Heroine Vintage
3207 West 6th Avenue
Amarillo, Texas

I found out they have an Etsy site also...go have a look 

Today I am thankful for the discovery of this gem on route 66.  

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