Friday, August 3, 2012

This star won't go out.

I spent the majority of April and May last year watching VlogBrothers videos on YouTube.  They are extraordinary men and I laughed or learned with each video.  John Green...a New York Times Best Selling author is one of the vlogbrothers, and he had a friendship with a girl named Esther.  Esther had cancer, and was not going to beat it.  She got a wish from the make a wish foundation and that wish was to meet John Green.  They met...ate pizza...laughed and talked.  After their meeting John decided after her death they would celebrate Esther day every year on her birthday (August 3rd).   He asked her how she wanted them to commemorate her birthday.  She thought for a while, and then decided she would like her day to celebrate love.  Not sexual love...familial..plutonic...friendly love.  She wanted everyone to tell those most important in their lives..."I LOVE YOU!"  It sounds easy, but there are always certain people that you love unconditionally, but the words just don't come as easily.  She really wanted you to tell those people.  

So today I am sending out text messages to all the people in my life that I love.  I might tell you everyday already.  I might close each phone call with those words.  I might only scribble it once a year in a birthday card.  No matter how many times I say/write is completely true.  I don't know if having cancer makes me want to emote all over those around me...but this year...consider yourself Esthered.  

to the moon and back,

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