Sunday, August 19, 2012

Easy Sundays

I love easy Sundays.  I get to enjoy time with my favorite women (Mom, Maa, and the Bug,)  look up fun crafts on Pinterest, and maybe just maybe do a craft.  Today is one of those Sundays.  Maa and I headed to Joann's and I picked up some supplies so I can finally do some of my paint chip projects from Pinterest (I will post pics later). We also went to a vintage store called "Junker Val's."  The fun of this store is the vintage jewelry table.  It honestly looks like my grandmother's jewelry box exploded.  It is easy to spend hours looking for the perfect matching pair of earrings.  After creating 3 matched sets with a necklace and earrings we headed home.  Now I am settled in at home with a large Coke from McDonald's and a box of Cheese-Its.  The Bug and I plan on watching the Hunger Games...I hope to stay awake, but I can't promise anything.  
Enjoy your Sunday!
To the moon and back,

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