Thursday, August 16, 2012

Melted Crayon Tutorial!

I have pinned at least 6 different types of these melted crayon projects on Pinterest.  I decided to try out make one in real life today.  Then I thought I would go ahead and make it into a tutorial!  I mean I was making it already and I had my iPhone!
Start with at least 20 crayons.  The colors are up to you.
I of course chose to do rainbow colors!

Strip the crayons of their paper.  Some are easier than others.

Here is one of the easy ones!

I tried putting the crayons on my canvas, but I realized I
wouldn't have much room for the melting run-off.
My canvas is a 12"x12" from Hobby Lobby.

I cut each crayon to 2.5 inches!

Here are all the discarded wrappers.
Anybody have any ideas about using this paper.

I used a flashlight as a guide for the circle in the middle

I tried gluing the crayons down with the flashlight still in the
middle, but all I ended up doing was gluing the crayons to the flashlight.
When I tried to pull up the flashlight half of my crayons came up too.....
WHOOPS!  I think a light pencil line would be fine next time around!

In the end it they still ended up glued
to the canvas. Now to add heat!

Careful with the melting.  I got the crayons melting before
tilting it up.  I also kept the hairdryer on the low setting.

I also worked on small sections and then
I would turn the canvas so I wouldn't
keep melting the other crayons

How much you allow the crayons to run is entirely up to you.
I like my canvas drenched in color (surprise, surprise). 

Here is the finished product.I feel the need to say TAHDAH!!!
It makes me smile when I look at it.

Here is my heating tool. Just a simple cheap hairdryer
with a Hi and Low setting and a cold button!

So there you go.  If I left anything out...ask me what I did.  I might remember....heehee!
To the moon and back my friends,

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