Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Adventure with Tiny Batman

I burned my knee on the concrete taking this picture.  OUCHIE!

Can you see our tiny hero?  On top of the 'R"

I was too scared to trek to the bottom with her...but we went back the next morning.

I climbed this mountain on our next visit...but those pictures are trapped on a camera without a cord.

Soaking our hot tired feet.

Batman needed a soak too!

Robin's foot is on the left...mine is on the right...the blob next to my foot is tiny batman's print.

Can you see the rainbow in the lower left corner?

I took this from the bottom...wahoo me!

Robin was proud of me too!

I found these pictures and I can't believe I forgot to post them here.  Robin and I took Tiny Batman to the Water Gardens here in Fort Worth.  It is such an amazing place.  There is a place to soak your tired feet in complete silence...a place to get lost in a cacophony of sound...a concrete mountain to climb...and a grouping of 40 small fountains to create wonderful rainbows!  It was beyond hot, and by the time we left Robin and I both needed showers and about 175 ounces of ice cold water, but it was an amazing experience!  Robin and I have been trying to find free experiences around town, and this was one of our favorites.

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