Monday, September 5, 2011

NOCC - break the silence walk - SEPTEMBER 17, 2011

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over a year ago.  Last year my friends and family raised over $2,000 to help fund research to find a cure for ovarian cancer by walking in the NOCC's annual 5k walk.  This year I get to be an active participant in the walk.  It makes me feel good to look back on where I was last year and see how far I have come.  I definitely have more hair for this walk.  Last year I thought I would have reached survivor status by this year's walk...I'm not quite there yet...but I am well on my way.  I thought I would post some pics from last years walk here...and a link my team's page...that way if anyone visits here they could go there and help with this year's fund raising efforts.  
Robin showing support for her Mommy!

My bestie (Candice) and Miss Priss

Candice and me!  Robin made those signs with her classmates at school in art class!

Beth, Maa  and Brian

This is my favorite picture EVER!!!

The whole group...minus the 5k group.

After a long walk...everyone needs a snack!

More than anything i want to raise awareness about this terrible disease, so that no one else will have to suffer.  It really isn't much fun to add a 6 inch vertical scar to your belly...endure a year of chemo...lose your hair...and be shoved forcibly into menopause at the ripe old age of 35.  So it is important to me for all those near and dear to me to know the warning signs of this is sooooo sneaky (I spent about a month thinking I was battling a stomach bug). 
So here is the link to our team page...I would love to raise over $4,000 this year...wink wink...nudge nudge.
Just click on the graphic my friends!

So here are the warning signs.

  • unexplained weight loss or gain
  • bloated feeling
  • trouble eating or feeling full quickly
  • abdominal pain

I know that these are very generic symptoms...but please if you have any of these symptoms and they persist for more than a few weeks...please make an appointment and see your doctor right away!

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