Friday, September 9, 2011 71

Yesterday I was thankful for a huge slab of chocolate cake from McKinley' and understanding from my aunt and mom...the piece of mind that I am doing everything within my power to beat the cancer that lives inside me.  In seven days I will be walking to raise awareness.  I keep holding on to that thought...I am headed into my chemo hole.  These next few days will seem pretty dark...but I have something so fabulous to look toward on Saturday, September 17th.  I will get to spent some quality time with some of my favorite people....walking for a cause near and dear to me...most of them walking for me personally.  How can I not be thankful for this life warts and all.  Yup today with a wobbly stomach and jello legs...because if the toxins making their way through my body looking for rogue cells to slaughter...I am thankful for the number of people who blanket me in love and prayers on a daily basis.  I'm sure God is ready for me to smack the cancer clean out of my system so the barrage of prayers will quiet for a little while!  
Love and sunshine my friends,

Quote of the day... true!

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