Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thankfulness...Day 74

Our team name...yuppers...we are allstars!!!

Aunt Cindy made the amazing hat...I have a thing for flying pigs!

Today I am thankful for all the people in this world who love and support me.  Cancer is a bitch of a disease, but it is a weak competitor against love.  Today was the NOCC walk, and so many of my family and friends were there to walk with me to stomp the stuffing out of this cancer.  
Great day for a 5K!

Candice and the Maa running along

walkers....uhhh...patiently waiting.

Colton wanted to hold Aunt Sarah's hand...I melt!
Work friends, lifelong friends, both sides of my family and even one of my students...all there to come together against this disease.  So many many women closer to my age than the older women I was expecting...We fight...We scream...We cry and rail against a disease we can't see...and these are the faces of women who WIN!  I had the pleasure of meeting the #5 top fundraising survivor (Kure for Katy)...we traded positions between 4 and 5 for the last month...nothing like a little healthy competition.  I ended up in 4th place but only by like $300...I really would have been fine with 5th...her team is amazing...their slogan is "Save our Mommies!"  
We are survivors!

So many people missed this photo op...maybe I'll get a whole team photo next year!
Today I got to celebrate the fact that cancer cannot and will never be able to take love away from me.  Cancer cannot make me weak...cancer cannot take away the conversations I get to enjoy with my nephew...cancer cannot take away the spirit building exercise that is parenting a teenage girl.  

BooBoo with a teal mohawk!

Maa...with most of her great nieces and nephews!

Brandy made the ribbon on the onesie...Avery styling in the teal!

Cannon (one of my students)...Colton (the nephew) and Robin (teenage girl)!
So there are my thankfulness thoughts for today...hopefully I will remember this post and come back to read it when I feel weak.  Remember...cancer is weak...not me.

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