Wednesday, September 21, 2011 76

Yup...tiny batman...found a little lady!
Today I am thankful for tiny superheroes.  I have already posted about my love of tiny batman.  He is so precious in his itty bitty compact package.  He attended the NOCC walk and rode on my hat in my friend Tish's place.  At brunch after the walk I couldn't resist taking a few pics.  I mean really how can you resist his adorable tiny face!  Even the tiny girls with guns at the restaurant dug him!  Colton's dinosaur was totally threatened by his sheer magnitude!

Kindly release me you see my utility belt?

Well today I discovered a new tiny superhero of my dreams...
Wow...I have been battling fever...general achyness...and a chest crushing cough.  I have avoided laughing on purpose because it really tunes up the cough.  Oh man...when this commercial came on and he used the force on that baby doll I lost it...tears streaming down my face....lung expelling cough...laughing!  So worth it...ADORABLE.  SOOO today I am thankful for a mind clearing laugh. Thanks VW!!! I needed that!

Love you lots and lots

Quote of the day!

If my quote is plain...
I feel the need to add another photo with some color!

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